Titi Oduseso is a well-rounded and multi-skilled individual with broad exposure and experience in teaching, training and administration. Her work experience has seen her advance in the past 26 years from class room teacher across different institutions to principal of schools. She has improved her ability and capacity for higher assignments through a schedule of trainings that has taken her to other countries.

Titi brings a mix of skills, exposure, experience and passion to bear on the outlook and operations of the school. She has worked in the best private schools in Lagos and Abuja. She is the brain behind Royalbridge International Company Limited, an educational consulting firm that gave birth to Gapbridge Private School and Royal Bridge School. She has a wealth of experience in Cambridge International Examination (CIE); has conducted IGCSE English Second Language oral assessment examinations for British Council centre and for notable schools in and outside Lagos for nineteen (19) years. She is involved in IGCSE training for teachers in schools that offer the English National curriculum both within and outside Lagos.

Titi is involved in students’ placement abroad to Colleges and Universities for undergraduate and post -graduates degrees in UK, US, Canada, Dubai, the Caribbeans for medical university etc. She takes students for educational tours abroad periodically especially during Easter and Summer holidays. Her other interest area is event decorating which she was into before she devoted all her time for Royalbridge, her educational consulting firm. She is a promoter and chief executive officer of RoyalBridge International Company Ltd and Gapbridge Private School Lagos.

Gapbridge Private School offers Checkpoint/JSS, IGCSE/SSCE, A level and University Foundation programme. Royal Bridge International Company is affiliated to West African Union University in Republic of Benin Cotonou, Gapbridge Private School Lagos is one of the centers for Pre-degree, Foundation programme and Post Graduate Degree in Education (PGDE) for teachers.

Titi was the editorial co-ordinator for the Nigerian books published by Cambridge University Press UK. She got the best teachers in Lagos and its environs to re-assess and made contributions to the manuscripts of the books before the publication in three core subject areas which are: English, Maths and Science for both primary, junior and senior secondary schools for public and private schools in Nigeria, using Nigerian curriculum for its preparation and presentation.  Recently, the books were launched in Lagos Oriental Hotel on May 4, 2016 for Nigerian market.

She is also involved with INCLUSION programme for Special Needs pupils & students for primary and secondary school which will lead them to vocational occupations in their interest areas. These learning disabilities areas include: Auditory & Speech, Autism, Dyslexia, Asperger and Stuttering.

She is a trainer of teachers in the educational field which she shares her experience with many other teachers. Titi is a mentor and a leader that also gives birth to leaders; she has many mentees in the educational field who are mostly classroom teachers, heads of schools and others in the educational fields. She is a down to earth person, approachable, humble and very objective in her views and ways; easy to relate with and always have advice or counselling to do with teachers, parents and their wards in all her specified areas, always with something to say on any educational topics or any questions thrown at her anytime. They call her readymade answer lady, due to her vast experience in the educational field.

She has won many educational awards as a classroom teacher in many of the schools, monetary and special gifts from school and parents of the children she has taught. A veteran teacher, that knows her onions and always ready for new challenges in her chosen field, dedicated, trusted and tested by many, hardworking and a name to reckon with in the educational field.

Titi has various newspaper publications with news personnel on various educational tips for parents and their wards, adding her own input to their views on various topics concerning the school and all stakeholders.

She is an achiever, a mother, a mentor, a motivator, a teacher, a trainer, a counsellor, and administrator appreciated by all.

The name ‘Gapbridge’ means bridging the gaps between the primary and secondary school; secondary and higher institutions. It is all about giving students what they need to enable them cross the academic bridge required for the next stage of their studies. Hence, the vision was conceived to give support to the challenges students face in their studies. The school uses both the British and the Nigeria Curricula, as she had worked in public schools, where the Nigeria curriculum is being used, as well as many Lagos elite schools, where British Curriculum is utilized.

Interviews with Various Newspapers

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