I came to Gapbridge three weeks school has started. It was fun and cool, to see old and new faces, I was happy. Gapbridge impacted a lot of things into my life and has made me a better person. To all the teachers who taught me I say, “Thank you”.

There has also been good and bad times. I indeed miss Gapbridge, all I have to say is “MERCI” (Thank you), and to my fellow graduating students always know that “The sky is not your limit but your starting point”.

“Venni Vetil Vicci”

Cynthia Ebere

I started Gapbridge Private School in Year 10. I have had many memories since the beginning, both good and bad but all are experiences and lessons to me. I remember the first week, which was the orientation week even though there were only five of us then: Anna, Chimdi, Chidera, Steven and I, we had the times of our lives having long interesting conversations, and consistent air condition, watching prison break.

The teachers are outstanding.

I also remember the day the teachers decided to challenge the students to a four-on-four football game, we obviously won.

One of my best memories in Gapbridge Private School, was the interaction that turned strangers to family – all those who have imprinted positively in my heart and filled spaces. Even though we disagree from time to time, we end up laughing.

Yinka Dosunmu


I cannot believe it. I am leaving, wow!. I have not realized that the hardest part is saying goodbye, it’s not easy. It never dawned on me that this school has made history in me, and I would miss it very much. Gapbridge has changed me and made me who I am today, for this I am extremely grateful.

The two years I spent here is fun filled. I won’t deny it, there has been good times and bad times which have molded me for situations later in life. To Mrs. Oduseso, who is a mother to us all, thank you ma. Au revior Gapbridge!!! I would miss you deeply

Kehinde Odunlami

It has been a wonderful experience. I came to Gapbridge in Year 10, the two years I’ve spent in Gapbridge has been filled with funny experiences that I would never forget, and I miss all my friends that I am leaving behind.

There was a day we played football with the teachers, we won the game. Also we went on excursion to Ikogosi Warm Spring in Ekiti State with my classmates, it was fun and educational. My days in Gapbridge were well spent and fun filled, I had a wonderful time.’’

Taiwo Odunlami

It has been a lovely experience in Gapbridge Private School. I came into Gapbridge two years ago, at first it was a rough start but at the end I got along with mates.

We started Gapbridge in Ace hall at Adeniyi Jones. We were all frustrated in the school because we couldn’t stand seeing each other’s faces but with a surprise I saw a lot of new students which made me happy so I got along with my classmates.

I am going into another stage of academics, which is entering a university. When I leave, I would never forget the loved ones I am leaving behind. I will miss all my friends in Gapbridge, I will always come back to see the school I graduated from. Au revoir!

Sodien Dan-Briggs

On the 15th December 2009, I went to Ghana with some of my friends in school for an excursion. The principal and her daughter went with us. It was very interesting and fun filled. I took a lot of pictures and brought lots of things. I really enjoyed myself. I simply love the food. I can’t go into details because it’s really full of experiences. I simply enjoyed a lot of good things in Gapbridge Private School, and I will really miss the School.

Ibidapo-Obe Funmilola

My life in Gapbridge has been the best even though there were so many ‘ups and downs’ but that’s life. In Gapbridge I had so many memories… the good, the bad, and the best. Fun times! One thing I know for a fact about Gapbridge is that we are one big family. Yes! We do have misunderstandings, arguments but that doesn’t stop us from being united as one… as a family.


They are so much I don’t even know where to start from… Okay! Let me start this way… Gapbridge bring out the real “YOU” (greatness) where you would gain your independence, where your opinion counts, when your words are taken seriously. I remember when I use to ‘hate’ mathematics, like that was one of my greatest fears… but Gapbridge made me develop an interest in the subject. Gapbridge doesn’t develop not only your academic skills but your social life too

Anna Larinde-Oludoyi

Some say holding on is what makes you strong, but sometimes it takes much strength to just let it go and move on… When I was admitted into Gapbridge, all that was in my mind was “I can’t wait to get out”. But right now I’m having a hard time letting go and moving on. So many times I got into trouble and was disciplined. I learnt my lessons. I became a more sober person during my final days in school. I am proud to say that Gapbridge has high self esteem. To those who made my stay in Gapbridge promising one; Ejiro, Duke; Chidera and Chimdi (my little sister), Chioma and Yadi, thank you for accepting me as I am. And to the teachers in Gapbridge, I am dumb founded.

I wish there was a way I could show you my gratitude, especially to Mrs Oduseso who has been more that just a “proprietress of the school”. Today, I know that the saying that goes, “The last goodbye is the hardest one to say” is nothing but true.

Tobi Oshinowo

Thinking through my entire stay in Gapbridge, I realized that it has been a fulfilling time in my life. I will always remember my friends and all that we shared. I remember our fights, the games we used to play, the boring classes we endured and the interesting and educative classes we really enjoyed. Leaving Gapbridge is such a bitter sweet experience for me because I know I have accomplished something important which is ‘family’ and this is what Gapbridge means to me. I will really miss all my friends but I guess ‘facebook’ and ‘twitter’ were created to prevent painful goodbyes.

Chioma Okoye-Igwe

Under the shadow of darkness was the light of Gapbridge that stood out like a star in the sky. Finally! The end of a session. I don’t want to let go, but Gapbridge has taught me that moving forward is the key to life. My stay in Gapbridge has made me to know and understand what goes on out there in life. Gapbridge has taught me how to strive to achieve my good success in life.

I am very grateful to my teachers for taking me through the two years of my stay here. I am also very grateful to Mrs. Oduseso for her motherly care and love shown to all of us. I am going to miss all my friends at Gapbridge. To my fellow classmates, I am really going to miss you all and I really hope that our friendship doesn’t end here at Gapbridge. For me, this has been a year of no regrets. I will truly miss Gapbridge.

Chidera Obasi

I’ve been in this school for less that a year, but what I have learnt is worth two years of studying. Gapbridge has improved my view on the way I handle or treat my various subjects. This has made me more astute and ready for any upcoming obstacles that might come my way.

I’ve had good and bad times in school but the best time was when I had to say goodbye to my juniors teachers, and friends. I am grateful to my mentor Mr. Ipadeola. Gapbridge is going to be forgotten by none, but remembered by all.

Ejiro Avwunu

I was incomplete and broken and there was gap between good morals, studies and me. I came to this school not knowing the meaning and the motto of the school but then it dawned on me that gaps between me, my morals and studies have been bridged by my new school ‘Gapbridge’. My stay in this school was short but it was filled with several scolding, but I also had good times. It took some time but I finally changed and it’s my God sent teacher Mr. Kehinde that I have to thank for never giving up on me. I that my mentor Ms. Obih for her constant counseling and I appreciate my other teachers and Mrs. Oduseso.

As for my friends, I will definitely miss the ones I’m leaving behind; especially the year 10 and 8 students. Chioma and Yadi will forever be remembered as well as all my classmates. I will also miss Duke. My time here was basically splendid! My advice to everyone is that ‘always have confidence, focus on doing the right thing with all your heart’, put your trust in God and you will definitely succeed’

Folahan Olowu

We have finally come to the end of our stay in Gapbridge and I personally cannot express the amount of sadness I feel at the moment. My time with my classmates has been great, though we sometimes disagree to agree. We understood each other and we lived together like one family. Chimdi, Chidera, Tobi, Fola, Chioma, Ejiro you buys are great. I would miss you all. I know we will meet again, even if it takes me plane tickets and bus fares to see you guys. I love you all. To Gapbridge teachers; you’ve done well. You have developed and nurtured me to be more of the person I want to be. God will continue to reward you abundantly.

I wish my colleagues best of luck in all their endeavours. “Let your lights continue to shine”

Yadichinma Ukoha-Kalu

Finally, I am graduating! The session started off in a great way because five more students joined us and we contributed positively to each other’s lives. I thank God for bringing me this far and I would also like to thank Mrs. Oduseso for her love and support. I thank Miss Doyin for her words of encouragement and her corrections when I was rebelling. I appreciate Mr. Diya for his words of encouragement and his efforts in putting me through in Mathematics and the same goes to Mr. Kehinde. I will miss my other teachers, the house parents and all the non teaching staff. To my fellow graduating students, I pray that as we move on to the next phase in life, God Almighty will give us the strength to conquer any obstacle coming our path. The sky is not our limit. It is only our staring point.

Obasi Naomi Chimdi